Monday, March 21, 2011

Finals Week | Click Here for Motivation!

Anyone who has ever watched the local evening news is familiar with it. We see it around holidays, cold seasons, times of harsh weather, and more. "Want to know what to do about that [insert problem here]? The answer is up next..." And nearly always, what comes next is "Ten Ways You Could Have Planned Ahead."

So, as it's Finals Week here at La Sierra University and you're probably already close to tossing your computer out the window, I'll keep this simple. In the words of author Seth Godin "soon is not as good as now."

Yes, you might have had the time to study more, pay better attention in class, and ask more questions earlier in the quarter, but here you are. Focus on what you can control right now, and right now that is what to do with your time this week. You know that outline of key study items you have been planning to make? Start right now. The important question you need to ask your professor? Send that e-mail! Using the computer lab to type that paper? I can think of better time than when it's crowded tomorrow...

Whether its a difficult exam, a paper, a project, or all at once, our faculty and staff know you can do it. Talk to one of us if you need that extra push. And when you've turned it all in, knowing you did your best, when should you celebrate? Well, maybe you should take a much needed nap first.

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