Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top-Rated | United Way Internship

Based on excellent results last Fall, we are pleased to again offer an exciting internship opportunity to our students with United Way. Please see the message below from Dr. James Erickson, the Director of our Center for Philanthropy for more details. 
"I want to alert you of a special internship opportunity which would offer four (4) hours of academic credit this fall, but more importantly would provide you with a professional opportunity and corporate experience which would be meaningful to your career preparation and would be impressive on your resume.
The course we are offering, MGMT 696U and MGMT 484U, for MBA students, juniors and seniors will represent an internship practicum through the United Way of the Inland Valleys, and it will include orientation and instruction from Kevin McCarthy, Executive Director of United Way and one of the most respected United Way executives in the nation. I will be coordinating the course for the University and will also provide instruction in philanthropic strategies. 
We will be holding a required one-hour orientation session with pizza and soft drinks to be held at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 27, in Room 105 of the School of Business building on campus, and Kevin McCarthy and I will be explaining the course objectives at that time. The United Way orientation for the course will be held the following week, and Kevin will spell out those details at the September 27 meeting. We are expecting a commitment of approximately 10 hours a week to United Way during the fall term. 
Students participating in this course will serve as an account executive for United Way and will make telephone calls on industries and businesses. Last fall 13 La Sierra business students, MBA and upper class students, served in this capacity and performed superbly. During their service, they called on decision makers at accounts and negotiated use of best practices, planned internal fund raising campaigns, met with campaign committees, strategized with United Way staff and with local company executives. They made public presentations which were well received, and they advised United Way about social media strategies, finance and accounting and improved internal administrative systems in the process. 
If you should be interested in this course, please contact my assistant, Charm Tuazon at charm.tuazon@gmail.com, and make certain to register properly with Cheryl Bauman (cbauman@lasierra.edu) for the upper class students and Heather Miller (hmiller@lasierra.edu) for the MBA students." 
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