Friday, June 17, 2011

A California Summer Activity You Haven't Tried

Summer is upon us here in sunny Southern California. Visiting the beach, surfing, tanning, camping, reading that stack of books, you'll do it all this summer.

But wait! This is California! You've already been doing those things all year!

It's time to try the one thing you've had to wait all year for. That's right, I'm talking about the chance to register for your Fall Quarter classes at La Sierra University!

So flip-flop your way on over to our Fall Quarter Welcome Page for more information on how new, transfer, and returning students can get all set up for this Fall. Avoid the end-of-summer bummer that comes with long lines, trying to remember what a FAFSA is, and late fees, don't forget about those terrible late fees...

Keep an eye on our blog this summer. There will be an event or two that you won't want to miss.

(Photo Credit: Shazwan)

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