Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Assistance Needed | Oakwood University

Last week, a series of deadly tornadoes tore through the Southern and Eastern United States, leaving a trail of destruction and taking more than 350 lives. Oakwood University, our sister institution in Huntsville, Alabama, was spared from a direct hit by this tornado outbreak, but power and food shortages have crippled operations on the campus as outlined in the following press release

April 28, 2011
Given the state of emergency declared by the Governor of Alabama, and due to the uncertainty of the return of power and utilities to the City of Huntsville and to the Oakwood University campus, for the safety and comfort of all concerned, students are released from the remainder of the Spring Semester 2011. They are free to return home, immediately. All pending final exams for the Spring semester have been cancelled, and the faculty will facilitate the calculation of grades. Once the campus returns to normal operations, the student body should contact their instructors concerning final grades.
In light of the fact that the VBC is cancelling currently scheduled events and due to the uncertainty of the restoration of power to the City of Huntsville and the widespread impact to employees and to the University, Oakwood administration has rescheduled Commencement exercises for Memorial Day weekend, May 27 and 28, 2011.
International students at Oakwood University have been particularly affected by this ongoing situation due to transportation challenges and food shortages. Please join us in assisting our friends by making a donation to the Oakwood University International Student Relief fund at

For the latest update on the state of the campus at Oakwood University, please watch the video message below from Dr. Leslie Pollard, President.


  1. Thanks for posting this! Glad to see the support of our sister school.

    RMH OU '07 LSU '13

  2. This is now one of the most viewed posts on the School of Business blog. I certainly hope it helped to raise some funds for this noble cause.