Tuesday, March 1, 2011

$1,000 Scholarship | Welcome to the Revolution!

Students in the School of Business Assembly received a unique challenge from the Dean today. Scholarships will be awarded to the individuals or groups submitting the best papers on how to improve the experience of education in the School of Business. Watch the videos below to get started. And if you missed our presentation on social media, be sure to join our network on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more through the buttons on the right side of the page at business.lasierra.edu. To learn more, contact Cheryl Bauman in the School of Business.

Click to view the videos and award opportunities!

Welcome to the Revolution

Shift Happens: Education

A vision for Students Today

Teaching in the 21st Century

Do you teach or Educate?


How can we improve your educational experience at the School of Business? Please be specific with examples. Prize money will be awarded as scholarships towards your tuition at La Sierra University. 

First Place: $1,000

Second Place: $500

Third Place: $250

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