Monday, October 25, 2010

Beach Campout!! (and then some)

(Pictures from the Beach Campout. Thank you Vernel and Cheryl for the amazing food)

LA LA LA Sierra! It's a wonderful gray and cloudy Monday. I'm hoping all your smiles are brightening up the day here on campus.

Welcome to week #5! Wondering where time went? I am... Because it's half way through the quarter and midterms are flying my way when I least expected it. I'm going to guess that you're in the same boat I'm in.

These past few weeks, we have had a few events that are labeled grade 'A'... And when I say 'A', I mean pure 'Awesomeness'. So here's what can be checked off the social events list:

Welcome Back Bash _X_

Club Rush _X_

Beach Campout _X_

Beach Vespers ___

Indoor Soccer ___

Movie Night ___

If you've missed out on going to some of these events, then you gotta check out our next event... BEACH VESPERS! It's going down this Friday, October 29th, @ Corona Del Mar from 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Bring friends because there is going to be a feast provided by the wonderful people of the School of Business. Just remember to sign your name up in the School of Business so Cheryl, the SB Advisor and coordinator, could get a head count on who's going and how much food she'll be needing to purchase. With that, games, praise and WORSHIP around the bon fire will be the highlight of the evening.

Look out for more details on the upcoming events for this quarter. Be sure you get yourself on OrgSync, so RSVPing for events--like this one-- wouldn't be difficult.

As we look forward to the next 5 weeks, remember to smell the roses. Quizzes, tests, and finals will be coming our way and sometimes those will be taking hours from our sleep. Maybe even the toughest of times for us could be coming up when we least expect it. Look to God for strength. Leave your worries onto Him. When you can't walk any further, He'll be the one to pick you up from the sand and walk for you. I continue to pray for you all.

Take care.

Your friend,


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