Friday, September 17, 2010

Free Mediation Training for First 20 Registrants! Save $1450

Our brand new Center for Conflict Resolution at La Sierra University is offering web-assisted mediator training. This 40 hour (approximately 20 hours online and 20 hours in person) interactive training is unique in time conservation and cost, while maintaining the quality and quantity of traditional five day mediator training programs. Students will be able to converse among themselves and with faculty during the online portion of the training and be more fully prepared to demonstrate the theoretical components of conflict resolution through mediation during the intensive two and a half days of interactive studies. 

Normally, this training course would cost $1450, but this fee will be completely waived for the first 20 participants to register. The training will be held in the La Sierra University Alumni Center.

Upon completion of this unique learning program participants will:
  • Understand the place and role of mediation as a conflict resolution tool;
  • Be able to apply techniques for constructive negotiation and explain how a mediator extends negotiation to assist parties create a resolution suitable for themselves; 
  • Understand sources of conflict and recognize conflict management styles; 
  • Gain practical experience in conflict resolution techniques and skill building 
  • Understand the stages of mediation and appreciate the process in its holistic form; 
  • Acquire valuable listening and communication skills and appreciate the difference between listening to respond and listening to understand; 
  • Appreciate that all communication occurs in the mind of the listener; 
  • Understand the different styles of mediation, i.e., directive, facilitative, transformative; 
  • Be certified as a mediator to mediate disputes after mentoring;

The first training course will be held on October 6-8, 2010 with online access available about two weeks prior. All students must have an email address and a basic knowledge of computers and the Internet.

To learn more about the Center for Conflict Resolution and this program, please visit or click here to go straight to the registration form. 

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  1. It is great that you all are offering this free of charge to the first 20! I wish I was able to take advantage of it!