Monday, September 13, 2010

United Way Internships

Dear Students!

I will be offering an internship practicum this fall which will provide some interesting leadership and corporate experiences for students, and I wanted to bring it to your attention.

The Center for Philanthropy which I am directing in the School of Business will partner with the United Way of the Inland Valleys in offering La Sierra MBA and upper class business students opportunities to become account executives for United Way. These account executives will in turn serve the United Way as ambassadors for the fall quarter and this assignment will involve a ten-hour weekly commitment.

Following orientation from me and additional mentoring from Kevin McCarthy, the Executive Director of United Way, the participating students will
make actual calls to corporate leaders in the Riverside area. The students will instruct these same leaders on how their companies and their employees might become more directly involved in support of United Way and the various social service and human care agencies that are part of the United Way.

The students participating in this program will enroll in a four-hour practicum/internship (MGMT 696/MGMT 484) under my supervision, and a case study will be required at the end of the term suggesting how the United Way program might be even more effective in its' outreach to these corporations in the future.

I will be instructing the students on the fund raising strategies they will utilize in this program and Kevin will focus on such areas as marketing, public speaking, strategic planning and other areas that will be helpful to the students before they make their direct calls to businesses.

United Way will cover the transportation and related expenses for the students. They will take up to eight students for this program, and preference will be given to MBA students in the selection process, but qualified seniors business majors will also be considered. Thus interested students are urged to communicate directly with Cheryl Bauman at I will also respond directly to those students expressing an interest in this internship practicum as well. My email is I feel strongly that this experience will strengthen the resumes of those students planning to pursue a career in the corporate world and it will also provide a fulfilling experience in serving the disadvantaged people in the community served by United Way.


James H. Erickson, Director
Center for Philanthropy

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