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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Students Engage in Research Emphasis Week

La Sierra University is home to incredible research opportunities for students and faculty, and our School of Business is no exception. The annual Research Emphasis Week at La Sierra provides an excellent opportunity to share the intense challenges and breakthroughs that come with engagement in research. Tonight, we were proud to have two groups of students share their work and insight.

Maria Andrea Mattheus speaks to an audience member
during her Colombia Project presentation

Representing two years of work by our SIFE team, developing a project for displaced families in Colombia, was Maria Andrea Mattheus. She spoke tonight on the intensive research needed to plan the implementation of the project, the assessment and feedback tools needed to continuously improve it, and the importance of strong partners and mentors such as renowned business author Linda Pinson.

(Left to Right) Lizzie Arouca, Vanisara Nicole Anthony
and Alexandre Schmidt discuss their marketing research work 

Last Fall, a team of four students, Lizzie Arouca, Alexandre Schmidt, Vanisara Nicole Anthony, and Courtney Yamanishi, were selected from a field of tough competition in our very first Dean's Challenge of the year. The team was awarded $2,500 for their development of an excellent marketing plan for Turner Development and their 100,000-square-foot center of stores, service establishments, a hotel and restaurants along Riverwalk Parkway. Tonight three members of the team were back to share their experiences and methodology in the in-depth research needed for such a task.

Dr. Gary Chartier

Research Emphasis Week is far from over at La Sierra University. For a complete schedule of events provided by the Office of Sponsored Research, click here.

And be sure to join us tomorrow evening, Wednesday June 1 at 7:00 P.M. in Cossentine Hall Room #106 for what is certain to be a thought-provoking Faculty Senate Distinguished Scholarship Award Lecture by our very own Dr. Gary Chartier: “Anarchy as a Research Program in Law.”

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dean's Challenge | And the Winners Are...

In March, when we first posted our latest Dean's Challenge, Welcome to the Revolution, we had no idea how amazing of a student response we would obtain. Selecting just four winners was no simple task. All of the submissions demonstrated. incredible insight, creativity, and initiative.

Check back soon for the full story, but let's get right to the results.

  • First Place winners, each receiving $1,000, are Jonathan Davidson and Jee (Koreman) Lee
  • Second Place winner, receiving $500, is Nichole Bartlett
  • Third Place winner, receiving $250 is Jawon Smith
Congratulations to all of our participants and winners. And be sure to keep an eye on our blog and social networks for our next Dean's Challenge.

Designed to challenge and cultivate creative solutions to real problems in the world around us, the Dean's Challenge is a highly rewarding (academically and financially) opportunity for individual and groups of students.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last Chance for $1,000 | Dean's Challenge

Tomorrow, April 15, is the final day to submit your response to our latest Dean's Challenge. In our recent March 1 School of Business Assembly, students heard our Dean, Dr. John Thomas, challenge them to come up with ways to use social media and new technological advances to improve the experience of education. Learn more in the full Dean's Challenge description. 

This latest Dean's Challenge is a part of a new series of opportunities for our students to apply their education in purposeful and rewarding ways. Stay informed of new challenges and resources from the office of the Dean by subscribing to this blog, or visiting our Dean's Office page.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

$1,000 Scholarship | Welcome to the Revolution!

Students in the School of Business Assembly received a unique challenge from the Dean today. Scholarships will be awarded to the individuals or groups submitting the best papers on how to improve the experience of education in the School of Business. Watch the videos below to get started. And if you missed our presentation on social media, be sure to join our network on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more through the buttons on the right side of the page at To learn more, contact Cheryl Bauman in the School of Business.

Click to view the videos and award opportunities!